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How to speed up your old Android phone

In every year,  hundreds of new smartphones are released with various new features. Moreover, couple of new smartphone brands are comming to the market . Therefore smartphone world has become more competitive and innovative more than ever.

Majority of the smartphone users have Android based smartphones. Most of these android users have to face some common issues like

  • Whole system become slow and laggy when using the phone for some time.
  • Some apps tend to stuck and/or stop responding

These characteristics become worst with the time. There are few reasons behind these issues.

Reasons for Android phones become slow

  • Unlike Apple, Android phone manufacturers do not provide long term software support for their products. This means latest software improvements and optimizations dos not applied for older devices more than 2 years.
  • All android phones do not use same processors or RAM capacity. Most of budget range phones uses low power processors and lesser amount of RAM. These types of mobile phones cannot run large apps or games smoothly.

Unfortunately above factors are out of our (consumers) control. Therefore we have to think about to getting a new android phone with more power or stay with our older slower android. As you know, moving to newer devices is not very cost effective. Therefore we have to think about some alternative solutions. In that case, today's article provide you some simple and awesome tips and tricks to speed up your old android device.

Speed up your old android device without rooting

1. Uninstall unnecessary apps.

This is the first thing that you have to do. All android apps consume resources from your processor and RAM. Most of these apps run in background. That means even if your are not using , some apps consume your phone's resources. Therefore you must uninstall unnecessary apps from your mobile.

How to unsinstall
Go to settings > apps
This will show you the all installed apps in your mobile.
Select one app and click on uninstall button
What can we do for apps which cannot uninstall?
Some apps have preloaded with the mobile phone. Therefore we cannot uninstall them. The solution is disabling those types of apps. Select an app and press 'force stop' and then press 'disable' button.

Clearing the cache memory of apps
All temporary files of an app goes to a temporary memory called cache. When time passes cache memory expands and reduce your free storage. Therefore cleaning the cache memory of your applications is a good practice. Select an application from the list and click on 'clear cache' button.

2. Using memory management apps

This is one of more critical action to take in order to speedup your mobile. A memory management app usually stops unwanted apps from running in background considering your app usage . But unfortunately most of memory management apps are fake or do not provide any useful service. Therefore you must choose correct app to get the job done. There are two apps that you can rely on.

These apps has been developed by well reputed companies and has proven results. You can simply download and install these apps and then make configurations according to your necessities..

3. Use lite version of regular apps

This also makes a huge impact on speeding  your old Android. Since apps are getting bigger with more features. It is normal to experience lags and hiccups when using latest version of apps on older Android devices. Therefore developers are now developing lite version apps which provides same services while consuming less resources. This goal has been archived by reducing some graphical or UI implementations and unnecessary software features from its original app. Here are some lite version apps that you can try;

4. Use Android Go edition apps by Google

This is one of the latest and greatest action taken by google in order to provide smooth user experience for older and low power Android users. Google has introduced lite weight app series called 'Go Edition' for those who have older or low power devices.  If your Android version is 4.1 or above, you can download these go edition apps and use them instead of original bulky apps. here are the list of Go Edition apps available to download from play store,

You can try above tips to speed up your android device. Please make a comment with your point of view about above solutions and results.

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