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How to take portrait images from any Android phone or iPhone

Smartphone photography has become one of the most fast growing field today. Almost all companies push their limits to provide better and better camera features with their smartphones. Now,  even mid range and budget oriented smartphones are also contains powerful cameras with some descent features.

What is portrait mode ?

The word "portrait mode" has came into the smartphone world just after releasing the iPhone 7 plus. It has dual camera setup which allows to capture images with blurred background and well focused objects. This is done by using the large apertures of the cameras.

shot on iPhone 7 plus

You can see that above image has a nice shallow depth of field. This feature was only available in DSLR cameras earlier. But, today there are lots of smartphones with portrait mode capabilities. But in order to have a nice shallow depth of field, a dual camera setup is necessary. That's why almost all the portrait capable smartphones contains dual camera setup except the new Google Pixel 2. Even it doesn't contain a dual camera setup, it uses a special technology called dual pixels which helps to identify the object and background separately.

How to take portrait images from your old single lens smartphone?

Well, we have to understand that we cannot obtain 100% iPhone-like portraits from our old smartphones. But with some patience, and fundamental techniques, we can have really good portraits from our smartphones too.

There are some dedicated Apps to do this, you can shoot your image with standard in built camera, then load image to the App and use special tools to select background and object. Then the App itself does the blurring and sharpening tasks for you. Little bit of work. Here are the Apps,

1. After Focus 

This App is available on both platforms and does a great job on creating portraits. You have select background and the object that needs to be focused separately. Then App will make a nice shallow depth of field effect for you.

2. Big lens

This App is also available for both platforms, but not for free. You have to pay around 1$to purchase this. But it worth the money. The operation is easier than that of "After focus" App and make better portraits as well.

Also there are some good Apps to achieve portraits. But these are only available for iOS. You can try them as well.
  • Fab focus | Link
  • Portrait blur | Link
So, you can try above apps and tell us your experience. But have to remember that we cannot expect impressive outputs from this method. But it is worth to have a try. Also you can share your own experiences of using another apps (if any) as well. Like our Facebook page to stay up-to date with our latest articles.✌

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